Frequently asked questions


Are your drivers vetted?

Safety is our highest priority. All drivers are required to present a recent police record before they are approved.

What if I there are no drivers in my area at time of request?

If there are no drivers in your area you should contact a dispatcher who will send you the nearest vehicle.

Can I communicate with my driver whilst he or she is on route?

Yes you can communicate with your driver whilst he or she is on their way to your location.

Can I book a ride in advance?

Yes you can book a ride up to one month in advance.

What if my ride comes but it is not my driver?

Do not enter the car and immeadiately inform us with full details at

As a visitor to the Caribbean can I use your ride sharing service?

Yes you can download and install our app and use our services in any country where we are available.

How often will surge pricing be in effect?

There is no surge pricing with ROED.

What other services does ROED offer?

To see our list of services click here.

Can I cancel my ride before it arrives?

Yes you can cancel your requested ride. There will be a charge of £1.85 for cancellation after 5 minutes.

Can I use my Rider account in all Caribbean islands?

Yes. You will be able to use ROED in the UK and all Caribbean islands which operate in.

Is there an age limit for rider sign up?

Yes you must be 18 years old to sign up as a rider.

Who has access to my personal information?

ROED has strict rules regarding personal information provided via our website and app. We are GDPR compliant and no third parties have access to your personal information and all credit card information is encrypted. See our Privacy Policy.


Who can register to drive?

Any existing Private, Taxi or Mini Van driver can register to drive with ROED.

As a private driver can I accept requests from visitors?

Yes you can but you must be registered as a certified driver under the Caribbean Tourism Certification Program before you will be allowed to service visitors.

How many riders can I have on my vehicle at once?

You will be able to accept requests from up to 3 riders on your Car, Pickup Van or 6 riders on your Mini Van, Bus regardless of the vehicle seating capacity.

Can I sign up to drive with my pickup van?

Yes you can register to drive if you own a 4 door pickup van, 4 door sedan car or a mini van.

Can someone else drive my car on my off days?

Yes you can register a spare driver. This driver must also be an approved registered driver.

What percentage of my earnings as a driver do you take?

RIDE Caribbean takes a 15-20% commission from driver earnings.

Is there a fee to sign up as a driver?

No there isn't any fee for driver sign up.

Do you offer a driver referral program?

Yes we offer a driver referral program. For details log on to our Referrals page

How do I apply to drive?

You must first fill out our application form which is received by our vetting department.

Do you require any documents for applying to become a driver?

Yes, When we have recieved your online application, the applying driver will be required to present their drivers license, vehicle insurance and twoo photos of their vehicle.

Can I decline from doing a particular service?

Yes you can. Your driver app will allow you to enable or disable services you can recieve requests for.

What if I am busy, sick or don't feel like driving?

As a driver you simply go offline when you don't want to recieve rider requests.

What equipment do I need to be a professional ride share driver?

We reccommend that as a driver for your safety and convenience and that of your riders you browse and purchase some necessary items from our Driver Store.

Can I use my Driver account in any Caribbean island?

You will only be able to use your Driver account in the country which you are registered.

Is there an age limit for driver sign up?

Yes. A driver must be 21 years old and also have three years driving experience.

Who has access to my personal information?

RIDE Caribbean has strict rules regarding personal information provided via our website and app. We are GDPR compliant and no third parties have access to your personal information and all credit card information is encrypted. See our Privacy Policy.


Can I use my credit card to pay for services?

Yes you can register two credit or debit cards on your account.

Will my information be secure?

Yes all of your information will be secure as per our privacy policy.

What if I don't own a credit card?

If you don't own a credit card you can put cash onto your account via your free RIDE Money M-Wallet.

Can I use my M-Wallet for other transactions?

Yes you can use your Mobile Wallet to pay for goods and services at partnered stores.

Where is RIDE Caribbean located?

RIDE Caribbean is headquartered in the Caribbean on the island of Saint Lucia.

Are your services available in all Caribbean islands?

We will soon be available in most Caribbean islands as demand grows.

What times are your services available?

Our services are available at anytime of the day as long as drivers are online.

Are your Luxury Services available on demand via your app?

Yes. We offer an option for Luxury Ride Share services. All other luxury services can be booked via our app or our website and can only be booked in advance.

Is there a cut off period for making a booking?

Yes. You have up to three days before your booking date to make your advance booking.

Can I cancel my booking after it has been confirmed?

Yes. You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours proir to your booking date, where we will be able to refund your payment.